16 February 2009

Ah ah ah

MASSIVE update! Get readdyyy..

Just a bunch of outfits I'm gonna shoot at ya. I think they're from the past... week or so? But I've been a sick and lazy bum so that's why these are all so late... :x

The next one was one of my most favorite outfits lately... tights taken from an old costume a few years ago (Malice in Wonderland, if you were curious!), and are surprisingly thick and sturdy for shitty costumes.

I think I'll start telling people my hair smokes crack when I sleep... that's a valid excuse for it looking different every single day, right?

Thank you for the well wishes... I am definitely better (my throat doesn't really bother me and I'm less tired), but it's definitely still looming in the distance. The illness, I mean. It helps that I've had a four-day weekend (I stayed home from school on Friday), but that means I have loads to catch up on. Le sigh.

I think I'm going to start having a weekly... poll/question thang every week. I'm curious about you readers :)

And just so you guys know, tkGIRLA still has our FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING promotion going on... so go snag something already! Our sale has got prices cut up to 50%! :)

1- f21 vest, Target sweater, Dad's trousers, Jason Mraz tote, Docs.
2- Gap dress (gift), random old sweater, random costume tights, Docs.


  1. I like your dad's trousers and those checkered tights!

  2. LOVE those tights, just gorgeous!

  3. that black dress is gorgeous- looks good on you!

  4. omg i wish my dad had trousers i could fit in! all he has are jeans. bummer. i love the trousers and docs though! trousers+docs=love
    haha i love your hair in the second outfit! wild but sexy :p

  5. that docs/pants combo is INCREDIBLE

  6. cuuuute tights! and goes great with those colors. well, with nearly every color i guess :) i'd like to find something like that but thicker. it'd be great if somewhere was denim leggings with a cute print!


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