19 February 2009

You know I don't like to get caught

After mentally running into walls and dying over Calculus (that wasn't supposed to make sense...) I decided to drink Mountain Dew and finally enter my look into this week's Weardrobe contest instead! (Don't you just love that the skirt alert header?) So having edited my photos to upload, why not share 'em with my beautiful readers in an outfit post too, right?

Because blogging pwns indefinite integrals and sigma notation ANY day:

I figure with the contest being all about spring (hence the 'skirt alert'?), I'd keep the legs and feet bare. Nice to know I still have my tan in February, haha.

I was just playing around with this outfit over the weekend, but I did end up wearing it in public (school), albeit the modified version. Just imagine adding white straight-legged jeans, a dark blue thermal, a cropped green jacket, and the charcoal AA unisex cardigan, nixing the plaid shirt. (If you can't tell, it was really cold.)

...Probably should've taken a picture of it. :/ Oh well, I ended up being soaked half the day anyway. Okay, not for that long, but really, it's been raining for the past week or so... today was a nicer, more mild 62 degrees.

Oh, and the AA cardigan... why is it one of the best things that I own?? It's so thick and comfy and flattering and sturdy that I can't help but love it. SO glad I abstained from buying a cheap crappy one from f21 like everyone else. (Is it unhealthy for me to want to wear it every day this week??) I would've gotten one earlier, but the closest AA is in SF (ACTUALLY, my friend from Napa just told me there's an AA outlet in her area... didn't even know those existed!!!), and I just happened to be in SF this weekend.

I'm not one to take spontaneous jaunts to more-fun-than-my-city places haphazardly, but my friend happened to have an extra ticket to the freaking LYKKE LI CONCERT... and fuck YES I jumped on that shit. :) Aka sweet new pictures. Be sure to check back for the next post ;)

Here's a little teaser...

DIY circle scarf, Marshalls nightgown, Hot Topic tie, random (and kinda old) plaid shirt, AA polyester tulip skirt (in 'silver cloud').


  1. fancy!!!


  2. mmm love the poses!
    lykke li! yee!

  3. Cute skirt!

    I actually find evaluating integrals a bit satisfying when I can do them, haha. Obviously, I am not a geek.

  4. Love that outfit. love.
    its so clashy its fantastic. in a veryy good way.

  5. What a sweet outfit, I'm so excited for spring now (: I've been wanting one of those AA skirts for ages... might just have to order one soon.


  6. Love your outfit! Especially the play up on the colors & patterns :).

    AA cardigans are the best! Their stuff in general is just awesome.

  7. Ahha, so that's how you wear that tulip skirt! I've got it in purple and I barely wea it as I ever know what to put it with. I think I'll layer it with a dress for tomorow, thanks for the idea ;D Lovely outfit!



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