27 August 2008


Lately, I've been ransacking the closets and wardrobes of this house. One of my finds is a pair of my dad's old blue-y grey trousers. He let me have them, and another pair, since they didn't fit him anymore and he was just about to throw them away! Nick of time or what? I love love love wearing them, especially after seeing Karla's take on male trousers... mm mm mm, certainly opens up a new branch of fashion. Here's my take on them, Fops and Dandies style!

1 - altered hanes white tank, gap cami (gift), vint trousers and belt (from parents), ? studded cuff (from a friend)
2 - charlotte russe henley (from a friend), vint belt (from madre)

I've been a lot more enchanted to that cuff, which I dug up out of a drawer the other day. Though wearing accessories feels totally strange to me (it's the weight), I'm slowly easing into them again...

P.S. I love blogging now. I'm learning so much more than just watching my schoolmates follow blindly the horror that is Uggs and A&F.


  1. Nice blog! I like the second look. It's classy and sophisticated.

  2. nice trousers! I might have to take a note from you when I try and wear mine!

  3. hiii! thank you for the blog comment, gosh i'm sure i'd be sick of my writing after about three posts haha! right now my blog list is too full to add anyone else! when i get back off holiday i am going to give it an autumn clean and remove any static links, so will add you then! x


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