23 August 2008

Sunburnt and dark and thoughts

A long week of nothing but band camp has concluded to me being clad in nothing but tanks and shorts, sporting a funky sunburn and tan lines. Aka no good pictures to post, haha. But I do want to talk about a little something...

It's been around for a while now, so I'm sure people have heard the "Real women have curves" catchphrase once or twice. Frankly, hearing it bothers me. As I'm sure many of my fellow naturally-thin girls would agree, this statement just isn't true. Real women are of all shapes and sizes, and appreciate their bodies all the same, whatever their weight or height or WHATEVER is. I myself am just a few pounds over 100, but I love my body all the same -- I've never put myself through eating disorders, I have always just been naturally thin. So just because I don't have an hourglass figure like naturally curvy girls does not mean I am not a real woman. My body is what it is, and I love it. No media or person or anyone can tell me how I should look, thinner or thicker. Which leads me to say that I feel the phrase should be revised to "Real women love their bodies."

Feel free to share your thoughts below!


  1. amen. for me, im one of the unaverage asian girls who actually have a butt and a bit of boobage. so ive always actually wanted to be super skinny (...reading fashion blogs too much and looking at models) but yes i agree. a true woman loves her body. and i love it. and i dont care how many calories i eat a day. your body is beautiful, you just have to work it.

  2. I have had a problem with my weight since forever. Being in ballet made me conscious of how many calories I eat per day and how many hours I work out. I've just grown to love my body because I'm finally at a healthy weight and I really don't care anymore that being in ballet has given me a rather large bum.


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