17 August 2008

the coyotes sing when they call on your loving

My good friend, Kelly Marie of The Blue Eyed World, and I met up yesterday at our local downtown mall to spend a day walking around and shopping and doing regular teenage girl things. It was definitely the best shopping day ever -- we had a few, but some really fantastic finds that we see ourselves in the future wearing way too often...

I'm going to deviate from my norm of telling about how my day went, and let some pictures do more of the talking instead.

My outfit for the day. Was belted but took it off after a long day of trying on stuff.

(f21 earrings, uo blouse, altered tommy hilfiger jeans, target mossimo sandals)

I'm just about addicted to those sandals. They were very inexpensive and are insanely soft and comfortable.

Kel and I both pointed out these vests on the rack at the same exact time. (I swear we have the same exact taste sometimes.) We both bought one for ourselves, mine being the darker tint of grey with the red, hers with the lighter grey and the yellow...

My pretty friend. :) She was in her "ghetto fabulous"/"Beyoncé" attire and attitude for the day.

A close-up shot of the earrings. A huge branch out from my style but they work.

Towards more odds and ends... a Macy's display of mannequin children with missing limbs??

Waiting for the train home and a pretty view.

And the ending picture:

Kel and I were waiting for her to get picked up when a man walked by carrying a camera. He asked to take our photograph. While we were perplexed and at a loss of words, he explained that he was a part of the 100 strangers project and was posting his photos on his flickr. He had gotten both of our names wrong, but more so Kel's. (Jennifer? Me and her both had a laugh over this, haha...) It was a wonderful and strange occurrence though, and the photograph was a good one, I think. Good day. :)

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  1. sure i'll swap! annnd your vest is to die for.

  2. i really love your blog and really like to exchange links! i linked you now!

  3. I LOVE LOVE those vests you guys are wearing =) esp the red and grey....

  4. Blogger meet ups are always so fun!

  5. I really like your jeans, and your friend's sweater vest! And your posing with the slightly creepy Children of Macys.

    I meant to link you but I guess I didn't... I'll do it right now!

  6. i love your outfit posts and those pants are fabulous.


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