23 June 2009

mad world

Been working on it all day (just about), but I just listed up tons of new items onto the SHOP BLOG, in addition to updating information and such. Check it out, please? :) Here are a few of my faavorites... (I wish they fit me, sigh)

Click the photo to see item!

ruffled crop top

pinstripe blouse

seersucker shorts

I'm sad about posting these items up because I love them so much, but they've been sitting around in my closet for so long that I know someone else out there can appreciate them more than I can! I'll be listing more items soon enough (pinky swear) so check back soon!

Also, I just saw the most amazing photographs of the upcoming Burton version of Alice in Wonderland... even if the movie turns out to be crap (but I really doubt you can go wrong with Johnny and Helena), at least we can sit back and remember how... fucking tight these photos were. Are. Anyhow, they're awesome.

via Perez Hilton

Stunning. Makeup experiments anyone? :)

It's just about 3 in the morning and I'm gonna go... conk out on my bed.

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P.S. I'm getting a bit bored with my header. Is anyone else also bored enough that they'd like to make me one? Send it to my email!


  1. love those shorts!!
    cantwait for that new movie

  2. anne looks so hauntingly beautiful in that photo. there's so much hype surrounding the film, but i'm sure burton won't disappoint.


  3. Freaked out by Anne Hathaway in that shot but I am looking forward to the film....


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