13 June 2009

Here's to living in PINK

AA cotton spandex dress, Payless pumps.

Real quick, here's what I wore to graduation. I kept it fairly simple, especially since it was such a nice spring day. Obviously, I was really classy too when it kept slipping down and showing my bra. I must've said it a million times that day, but yes, that's my bra, and you know what just let it hang out because I don't care. I'm graduating. Er so yeah... haha.

And why don't bloggers smile in their photos anymore? Or rather, not so often. I enjoy smiles a lot... it's one of my favorite features! :)

So I was messing around with makeup (strangely enough) and I somehow found my perfect shade of bubblegum pink lipstick. Definitely barbie pink but just rosy enough to not look so weird against my tan skin (you porcelain ladies are lucky!). But then again... the tanner I am, the better, right? It's BARBIE pink after all.

I hope your summers have been good! :D I haven't really done much besides hang out with the bestie and boyfriend, but it's nice to just have time to be with people, instead of stressing out about school. Speaking of school, I got an A in AP Lit! Usually less than 10, maybe around 5 people get an A in all of the classes, so it's a big deal. *celebratory dance*

Maybe I should make a dancing vlog! xoxo


  1. The dress is so pretty on you. What's the name of the lipstick? :)

  2. wanting that dress just to do all the different styles with it! and omg that lipstick color is perfect!!! im afraid of color bc finding the right one is so hard!

  3. haha a dancing vlog, interesting...
    love the pink lips.

  4. I really like pink lipstick but have yet to find a Barbie pink shade like your's.

  5. thats theperfect white dress!

  6. the dress looks pretty :)

    and bubblegum pink is soo cute



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