20 July 2008

Simplicity (super long post)

Hey (scarce) readers. My apologies for the lack of posts.. My summer has essentially consisted of merely anything thin and light as to not melt in this ridiculous heat (I'm a sucker for baggy white t-shirts!). We JUST got over a triple-digit period... in the 90's now. Makes it very hard to be fashionable, so I thought I'd also incorporate some inspiring fashion posts into the mix.

The leotard!


I am in love with the scooped back, I find it creates a sort of elegance on thinner girls like me, yet still maintains the sense of conservative...-ness. (As you may or may not know, I am ridiculously conservative when it comes to dressing myself... I am always afraid of the most scandalous exposures of... body parts.) I would love to pair a leotard with these simple slacks (also from American Apparel)..

The unisex slack. (<3.)
Did I mention I love anything unisex? No? Well, there you go. If anything, I LOVE a piece to be versatile.. more bang for my buck. (Oh lord, stop me now.) For a clothing item to fit both me and a member of the opposite sex, that's real craftsmanship to the designer. And is anyone else enchanted by that off-kilter shade of white/cream/eggshell?

Oh, American Apparel.. how thoust tease. Broke teenagers are no match.

And readers! I am ultimately confused on more intricate/ornate (mainly floral) patterns.. I feel as sometimes they branch into crazy-bag-lady kind of territory... yet, a simple complementing cardigan or simple accessory can push it into an ultra-chic feel. My mind can't decipher if it's (to be simple) good or bad. Your thoughts?

(forever 21)

I've always mainly stayed away from floral prints... the statement that a simple solid color makes is timeless, it seems.

The Doc Marten boot.

They certainly provide a unique touch to an outfit, no? This was inspired by Camille's (childhoodflames) and Rumi's (fashion toast) Doc's (Docs? Docs'?) a while ago (I'm too lazy to look up their posts). The first pair of white ones definitely intrigue me... the clean white leather seems to balance out almost any kind of outfit. The black ones are also good -- how do you go wrong with black? The last pair though, I just thought were interesting. Boots are so wonderful.

To branch off a little away from fashion (though all style seems to be fashion anyhow)...

I've been super into the wavy sort of blonde with hints of.. almost a burnt-feeling sort of brown in it? (Wow that just made no sense at all.) hair? I should illustrate more with pictures, haha..

Pretty much the epitome of Erin Wasson and Rumi of Fashion Toast.

(childhood flames)

(fashion toast)

I doubt my hair would magically turn into that instant beach wave look.. though with my current un-tarnished (for a lack of a better word) hair, it becomes wavy by itself sometimes.


Stunning photograph. And hair color. Hayley Williams (who I completely praise because of her amazing voice) also seems to have the most amazing shades of red. It just feeds my lust of unnaturally-colored hair of about 4 years. Oh, when I turn 18...

I hope this humongo post has made up for the (*gasp!*) over-a-month-long lack of postage. (I just used that in a weird way. I didn't mean stamps, haha.) Comments? What you'd like to see more of? Funny jokes? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


  1. I would like to see more posts, TLi. HA jaykaayyy.

    Uhmm I agree with on just about all of this. And then I don't...

    Leotards- Love.
    Scoop Back- Like, but I am a sucker for racer tanks and criss cross. And anything that ties in the back I find myself immediately attracted to..
    Cream Colored Enchantment (hey, I like the ring of that..hmm ideas floating thru my headd..)- Agreed. Plain white is just a tad bit overrated. Not that I don't love it, but I feel that other simple colors are sometimes overlooked.
    Doc Martin's!!- I praise anyone who can pull them off. But they are just not my style. I would look like I was trying too hard.
    Floral Prints- I am all for floral prints. I dress like an old lady. And I love it.
    Simple Unicolor dresses- All for it, as well. Those are too fun to accessorize with.
    Unnaturally Colored Hair- Not my thing. If I ever dye my hair it will be dark brown. But I probably won't even do that.

    I love your bloggggie :D

  2. i don't really like docs, but i love leotards!

  3. All those people have amazing hair. And I love leotards (but I they're difficult to wear with being overexposed). I also adore anything unisex (<3 AA) and of course Doc Martens.


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