28 July 2008

I left my heart in...

My volunteer group had a fun trip to San Francisco today.. 'twas great, I love those people tons. Rushing to get my iPod stocked with albums I hadn't gotten around to uploading, I was totally crunched on time.. thus for my lack of an adequate, time-devoted outfit. (Wow, do I sound like the typical girl... haha.) However, I think I did decent for the less-than-5 minutes I spent looking at my wardrobe for something!

However, one problem that I am having.. I have only very recently became more invested in my clothing and seeking inspiration, fashion-wise. However, from years of dressing like a boy, then phasing into years of dressing of effortless nonchalance (translating to a closet full of t-shirts and a few random "special"-ish pieces here and there), the new, more fashion-conscious phase is much more difficult to pull off than I had hoped. And this provides as a meager (please pardon if also convoluted) transition to my current question to readers...

How does one use their present hum-drum wardrobe to create a much more fashion-forward self?

Of course, don't regard this as one (well, me) wishing to create a completely new look that is nothing like who I am. I just find myself opening up to new worlds of fashion, and the mentioned inspiration is so plentiful that its ratio to my funds is sorely disproportional. A brand-new wardrobe is definitely not within reach. Basically... how do I make use of what I got?!

However, to revert back to the first piece of agenda that I mentioned... today's clothes!

I swear this looks (looked) better in person, haha.

Anyhow, I took this flowy-ish kind of top that I found in JCP for like five bucks (ultimate fashion bloggers are probably cringing right now). I tucked it into a pair of Glo jeans from Mervyns (mix it up with a grimace) that I turned into skinnies. And that belt is none others than a trade I did with Kelly at some party.

We don't wear shoes around my house, but it wasn't much anyhow -- just a pair of nude flats with this elastic band that I picked up at Target.

This next picture shows the jacket I wore with my outfit... ooh-wee was it cold in SF! From 90's to high 50's.. not the easiest transition, haha. I got this at a local trendy/mainstream boutique, Citiwear. Pretty comfy, but cold air definitely makes its way through.

Anyhow.. thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to post!
We also stopped by this accessories shop (I think this was my second time there).. a lot of it was much too trendy/glam for me, but this one chain caught my eye..

The rest of the chain was just a plain gold chain (not real, of course), and even though it was a mere seven bucks, I was thinking with a practical mind -- I almost never wear jewelry, much less something as in your face as this. It could just be the clarity of this picture, but I'm having second thoughts on my decision now... your thoughts?!

And of course, some silly pictures, for your entertainment. :) (Or not?)

Another tacky find that I found. Yuck, right? But they were so gross that I just had to try them on... sorry if your eyes hurt, hahah.

Some taffy samples from a store! I tried one (it was.. pink flavored, haha) and it wasn't that good. But they were such cute colors I took a few of 'em so for keepsakes!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know I did. :)

And readers! Please feel free to comment with... comments (reiteration much?), or suggestions, or with anything you'd like to see in upcoming posts.. the blog may contain my thoughts, but it definitely involves you too!

Coming soon... ALL ABOUT DRESSES! :)


  1. My belt! I love how I'm featured haha. You're lovely. I think when you label yourself as "fashion forward" (or whateva :p) you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Like, "I HAVE to have that piece and I have to look like this and I want to look like that" but the beauty of fashion is that it's completly individual. Style is who you are. So, if you used to be a tomboy then let it shine. Just add some accessories that are girlA (:]) and it'll be all Terry. My point is, making do (due?) with what you have isn't as hard as you might think.

    In other words I love your hum-drum-to-tres chic wardrobe. The goal is to make things timeless. And I think you're doing a bang-up job. <333

  2. Hmm that's an interesting problem but I'm sure it's not uncommon... once I got into fashion the buying started and never stopped... ahhh. But that is a cute outfit, with altered skinny jeans and a sort of t-shirt inspired top. And one thing I've learned is that it doesn't really matter where a piece of clothing is found, it's more how it looks. But you probably know that.

    I don't know if that's really helpful... but anyway do you want to link up?


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