25 October 2008

Well, maybe I LIKE looking like a grandma.

The cardigan had this extra panel of fabric sewn on the inside, aka a mock-top thing. I promptly snipped it out and the cardigan is a dream basic. If I had to describe the fabric, I would say "high-class felt", haha...

Hm. And I think that shirt needs way more ruffles.

And this photo being a I-just-came-back-from-a-performance-and-I'm-really-tired version. Which is synonymous with the When-I'm-tired-I-automatically-look-fcuked-slash-Serena-van-der-Woodsen version.

(I was caught mid-word.)

altered amy byer cardigan (straight from factory), teen trendy store top and cami, vintage belt and trousers, target flats.

xo S


  1. cute.i like yer pants =]

  2. I really like your outfit, it looks great!

  3. ahhhh you look so adorable. like fashion adorable. haha. forgive me.

  4. ...the coolest grandma in the WORLD!!!

  5. Well, than you look like the most stylish grandmom in the world.


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