17 June 2008

Hello world! This is my first post, obviously. I was so inspired by all of the breathtaking fashion blogs out there that I decided to start my own! There was too much inspiration from people such as childhood flames, fashion toast, and karla's closet! So, I can't wait to sharing my bit in fashion! I'm still trying to get used to blogspot though, haha..

(Be warned.. the image quality is not the best. My apologies.)

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I found this blouse today.. and I'm a sucker for shades of blue. Though with my skin tone, I should probably opt for more pinks and reds.. Any suggestions?

blouse - vintage? thrift? secondhand? what's the term here?
pencil skirt - mustard seed (from citiwear)
shoes - vintage

tank top - hanes
pants - vintage
shoes - vintage

I had been meaning to get a pair of pants for when I start work next week, and I found this amazing pair at my local thrift store for about 3 dollars. The waist pretty much fits and the hemmed length is pretty much perfect. This was pretty much freaking awesome.

Well, that's it for my first post. Comments, suggestions? More to post later!


  1. those trousers are fabulous.
    hm, i think your look would go better with a more modern shoe such as a strappy platform.

  2. Pants are good. I like the fit but I agree with life in technicolor.. a strappy platform would be good even though I'm a fan of the pointy shoe.

    Also.. sorry. This is something that is kind of minimal, but you say "pretty much" a bazillion times in that small paragraph. Word variation goes miles.


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